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Popular toys 1980 - Car toys locations

Popular Toys 1980

popular toys 1980

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1980 Bertin C37bis

1980 Bertin C37bis

1980 Bertin C37bis with top of the line French components. The frame has Super Vitus 971 decals but you can see the Super Vitus 980 impression in the 3 main tubes. The bare bike with sewups and an alloy rail seat weighs about 19 Lbs.

It came with gold anodized Simplex Super LJ derailleurs, gold anodized MAFAC 2000 brakes, an alloy Stronglight D6 headset and Stronglight 105bis cranks with a titanium BB spindle and alloy cups.

The hubs are Maillard 700 low flange with Milremo badged Super Champion Record Du Monde rims and light gage stainless spokes.

I'd been riding it off road with cyclocross sewups prior to taking this picture that's why it has "compact" 46-37 chainrings. Those are light weight clinchers in this picture.

Chinese version of Rubiks cube

Chinese version of Rubiks cube

Rubik's cube is a toy puzzle designed by Erno Rubik during the mid-1970s. It is a cube-shaped device made up of smaller cube pieces with six faces having differing colors. The primary method of manufacture involves injection molding of the various component pieces, then subsequent assembly, labeling, and packaging. The cube was extremely popular during the 1980s, and at its peak between 1980 and 1983, 200 million cubes were sold world wide. Today sales continue to be over 500,000 cubes sold world wide each year.

popular toys 1980

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